Sunday, November 7, 2010

This weeks menu!

It is finally cool enough to cook like it's autumn.  Yay!

Sunday:  Pork Roast with stuffing and cranberry chutney
  A simple pork roast seared then roasted in the oven until it's tender.  Served with a simple sage/bread stuffing and cranberry chutney. 

Monday: White Chicken Chili 
  A little prep on Sunday night and then this simmers all day.  Perfect after a late season soccer game when topped with sour cream, cheese and Fritos!
Tuesday:  "Restaurant Night"
We call it "Restaurant Night" because that sounds so much fancier than "Leftovers" - and everyone gets to pick their favorite so it's like a restaurant.

Wednesday:  Ratatouille Pasta
I'll prep most of the Ratatouille ahead of time then let it rest.  On Wednesday, we just cook the pasta, toss in the cheese & veggies and it's a wonderful, quick weeknight meal.
Thursday: Brisket Nachos
We got some leftover smoked brisket from a friend.  It will hold in the freezer a few days and then we use it to top black bean & corn nachos with a smoky twist.  This is a definite fan favorite!

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