Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Menu: November 14, 2010

Sunday: Moroccan Chicken
This is my absolute favorite meal.  Savory, sweet, spicy, fresh and I've made it so many times that I don't have to look at the recipe anymore. 

Monday: Pork, Greens, Butter Beans & Cornbread
Possibly the easiest meal on the planet thanks to those Glory canned greens.  I'm sure a "legit" Southern cook would be appalled, but as a Minnesota girl - I think it's fantastic!

Tuesday: Frittata
Basically this is breakfast for dinner, but if you tack a fancy Italian name on it, it sounds cool and still tastes awesome.  We're doing it with red peppers, Canadian bacon, asparagus and baby Swiss cheese.

Wednesday: Taco Night
Honestly, who doesn't love taco night?

Thursday: Chicken Piccata
Pounded, breaded chicken sauteed with butter, garlic, capers & mushrooms then tossed with pasta & lemon juice.  Yum.  One more reason to make this week go by fast!

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