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This really has nothing to do with the food aspect of this blog but Bob suggested it and I like the idea.

This week I finished: "Rose in a storm" by Jon Katz
Compelling story about Sam, a farmer, and his dog, Rose. Told mostly from Rose's perspective I really enjoyed this book. It took awhile to pick up steam but at the end I could not put it down.

Also read "Bad Blood" by John Sandford
This is an off shoot of the Prey series and Lucas Davenport figures tangentially but Virgil Flowers is a great change of pace. I've heard Sandfords writing described as "dude fiction". Whatever. I'm a chick and I loved it. Grisly, horrifying murders and sex crimes past my limits of understanding but such terrific characters that I couldn't put it down.

Just read:
"What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty
Kind of a sad read but I treating to wonder how your "young" self would react if she suddenly got dropped into this life with no context or memory of the past ten years.

I guess I've been on a roll, also just read:
"Still Alice" by Lisa Genova
Heartbreaking story of a woman dealing with early onset Alzheimers. Wonderful written. But now I question myself every time I forget why I walked into a room.

Just read:
"The Last Letter from your Lover" by Jojo Moyes
This is the best book I've read in quite some time. Love, love, love.
In 1960, Jennifer awakes after an accident with no memory. She tries to fit back into her life but feels adrift. Then she finds a letter, addressed to her, from a lover. Begging her to leave her husband. It's signed only "B" .... She has no idea who it is.
Loved this story

Just read:
"Room" by Emma Donaghue
Really interesting read about a little boy born to a woman who was kidnapped and imprisoned by her abductor for the past 7 yrs. Little Jack has never been out of the 9'shed he's spent his entire life in. Fascinating and a bit disturbing.

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