Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chicken Poblano Tacos

There are a few steps to this so it kinda seems like a lot - but you can skip whatever you like and make it your own.  This is how we do it:

2 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
Cover liberally with rub and set aside for a half hour or so while you do other stuff. 
1/2 tsp each: chile powder, garlic, paprika, salt
1/4 tsp each: coriander, cumin, pepper

When the grill is hot, roast the two poblanos until black & blistered all over.  Put them into a paper bag, seal it up and wait 10 min.  Then peel off the charred skin and slice the soft peppers into strips.  Set aside.

1 can refried beans
Heat these up on top of the stove with about a TB of bacon grease.  It's worth it.  Really.

1/2 Cup Chopped tomatoes
Sour Cream (stir in some chili powder & lime juice if you want to "fancy it up")
Other terrific toppings:
Roasted corn (grill it then slice it off the cob)

Fill your tortillas & enjoy. 

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