Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cajun Fried Rice

You can use leftover rice or you can make fresh - it'll work with anywhere from a cup or two to more -- very flexible recipe.

Cooked Rice (1-3 cups)
Chicken (leftover grilled or 1-2 boneless/skinless cut into bite sized pieces)
Ham - chopped (I use deli slices and cut them into ribbons)
1 red pepper cut into bite sized pieces
5-6 green onions, cut into little bits (white/green parts)
Paprika - 1 TB
Cayenne - a dash or to taste
Cajun seasoning - to taste

In a large skillet, over med-high heat saute the chicken/pepper in a pan (bacon fat is tasty but olive oil is healthier.. your call).  Add the green onions and cook for 1 min.  Then add the spices - if you're doing it right you'll probably cough a bit - the spices may smoke a bit.  Just cook it for maybe a minute then add in the chicken/ham and rice and stir until well combined.  Remove from heat and let rest for about 5 minutes. 

Terrific with some Cholula hot sauce sprinkled over top with the rest of the green onion. 

OH - you could add in some shrimp or sausage if you like.  Again - it's SUPER easy...

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